Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

When I got the call to shoot an awards banquet for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in January 2006, I had no idea who they were. It was not until I went on their corporate website that I saw that their brand names include Advil, Robitussin, Chap Stick, Preparation H and Primatene brands. The client wanted four types of shots:
Candid images during the cocktail mixer before dinner
Candid and group photographs of the employees at the banquet tables, talking and eating.
Photographs of achievers receiving awards, and in groups after they had all received them
Photographs of speakers and award presenters.

I used my Canon system with a 580 flash softened with a diffuser for the candid images during the cocktails, set at ISO 200 and f8 at 1/90. In the dinning room I set up 3 Photogenic monolights around the room, and the slaves triggered the monolights when the Canon flash went off. This evened out the lighting for the dining candid shots, and I was able to stop down to f11 when I was close to one of the monolights.
The speakers and groups were lit with the monolights only, and I switched to my Mamiya 645 AFD with the Phase One P20 back to photograph the groups of employees. The images are some of the best candids and group shots in my portfolio, and I was very happy with the results. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals accounting department told me that they plan to use me for the event again next year, and set me up as an authorized vendor.

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