Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Models on Manual

Models on Manual – A photography workshop for learning to use a DSLR on manual settings, and learning to control light while shooting models. 

$89 for two three-hour classes, limited to 15 students

From a photography class I taught in Denver with 80 students

Two Classes, Sunday, August 18, 2013 at 9:30 am and Sunday August 25 at 9:30 am
Class is held at 1055 E. Ocean Blvd., # C, Long Beach, CA 90802 and at the beach
Call 213-434-3344 to Register

New York Models, shot in Long Beach
with reflectors

Session one – Natural light and reflectors

Natural Light portrait, using 2 reflectors

Using only one reflector and window light, we will pose models next to various windows in our daylight photography studio. The soft skylight highlights the hair and the side of the face, while the light from the reflector lights the eyes and the front of the face with soft, natural light. We will try shots with slow shutter speeds and wide open apertures at 100 ISO on tripod, then move to 500 ISO, faster shutter speeds and discuss the depth of field benefits of large apertures vs. smaller ones such as f11 or f 16 for shooting models.
Natural Light Headshots

We will pose the models on the natural wood floor, on muslin backgrounds and in the 1950s style room with an ocean view. We will shoot them using one or two reflectors. We will also shoot them with a window in the background, and we will adjust the shutter speed and aperture until the view outside is totally blown out and the light looks good on the model. During session one, we will discuss the mathematical relationship between ISO, shutter speed and aperture size. The shots are put on the screen and we discuss them.

The “sunny f16” rule. The correct aperture for a brightly lit subject in full sun is the ISO speed matching the shutter speed at f16. We will explain what that means, and how to apply it to the beach, where we will be going next. We will learn to use the histogram on the back of the camera, learning what it means when the histogram data touches the right or left side of the chart, or if it peaks at one side or the other.
Natural Light Headshots, taken across
the street from our Photography Studio.

We cross Ocean Blvd, go down the steps at Third Place and take our models to the beach! Here we will continue using our cameras on manual settings, exploring the sunny f16 rule on the beach. We also pose the models in the shade with various trees and plants in the background, and talk about how sunny f16 rule becomes “shady f11 or deep shade f8 rule” as a starting point for bracketing when shooting models on manual. We explore shooting models with various lighting and background combinations, such as in front of the ocean, sand, boats, the Queen Mary, islands, yachts, restaurants, etc. All using natural light, reflectors and manual settings on our cameras.

We return to our daylight photography studio to download our image files and talk about the best techniques for editing the RAW images in PhotoShop. We demonstrate how to find a good white balance, and how to have clean whites without over exposing the image and blowing out the details. We give the models their CD ROM disks, their money and thank them for signing the model releases.

Session Two – On camera flash, Studio Strobes and Continuous lighting

We light our models with classic studio lighting setups, which could include standard headshots lighting with a hair light, fashion lighting with a beauty dish, rim lighting, side lighting and butterfly lighting. We look at the camera histogram as we change aperture settings and strength of the strobe output.

We will pose the models in various areas of the studio, and mix flash with daylight to create a commercial looking environmental portrait. We will look at our portraits in PhotoShop and talk about which camera RAW adjustments make them look better.

We will walk with our models across the street to the beach, and we will take a 1,000 watt second battery strobe on a light stand, as well as on-camera flash. We will mix sunlight; reflectors and strobe fill to create pleasing outdoor portraits of models in manual mode with our DSLR cameras.

We will return to the studio and download our pictures, comparing work and creating disks for our models, which have signed model releases and are waiting to be paid.

We finish with a discussion about how to start a photography business, what type of lighting gear and camera equipment to buy, and how to market a photography business through social networking.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Long Beach Corporate Headshots Photography

Long Beach Corporate Headshots Photography Natural Light Studio
Dennis Davis Photography

Our Natural Light Business Headshots Photographers Studio is across the street from the beach, so it’s a great place to get a corporate headshot with studio lighting, then a totally different look with natural daylight, then a totally different look with a natural light environmental portrait, followed by – you guessed it – we do beach headshots. We have a corporate headshots package to fit help you sell your brand, your smiling face! Some people believe a corporate headshot is more important for a company’s website than the logo, when choosing one company website or real estate agent business card from another. It’s all about the eyes; do they look friendly, genuine and happy? The smile, is it comfortable and happy, or stiff and forced? The Headshots photographer that delivers a great corporate headshot from a busy, overworked executive is a talented person. Do you need to sell yourself through your corporate headshots portrait?

Call Dennis Davis Photography at 213-434-3344

Corporate Headshots Packages – In our Long Beach Natural Light Studio

Executive corporate headshots package, 5 Looks - $295.00

Studio lighting, highlighting the hair
Pick from muslin or seamless paper backgrounds, environmental portraits in the studio, and between strobe lighting and natural light. We cross the street and do headshots at the beach with the ocean or with plants and trees in the background. Change outfits, settings or backgrounds up to 5 times.

This package includes over 100 pictures taken and burned unedited to your disk, and 10 final images color and exposure corrected. Your favorite corporate headshot will be lovingly airbrushed and retouched in PhotoShop for up to 10 minutes, removing any horrifying zit that broke out on your face only moments before you sat before the camera. Your final images can be emailed or sent to you via ftp, or burned on a disk while you wait. 5 looks, $295

3 Looks - $195.00

Our 3 looks corporate headshots package helps you sell the most important part of your company’s brand, your smiling face. What would your company website be without a portrait of you? Dennis Davis Photography can bring out the best “happy to meet you” smile for your business headshots, and help you sell yourself. With our 3 looks corporate headshots package you may change outfit and background combinations up to three times. You may choose from muslin or seamless paper backgrounds, environmental background near windows in our natural light studio, or we can cross the street to the beach for outdoor beach headshots.
This package includes over 60 images taken and 5 final images will be color and exposure corrected. All the images will be burned to disk or sent to your email as requested.

In and out headshots - $95.00

Our fastest headshots package for busy people on a budget, one background, one outfit. We shoot 30 image, you pick your favorite 3. The whole process is normally over in 30 minutes if you can make up your mind which 3 you want, because there are so many good ones! In and out headshots package, $95.00

Call Dennis Davis Photography, 213-434-3344

Corporate Headshots on Location, anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange Counties

First location corporate headshot, $425.00, $100 for each location headshot afterwards

Natural light headshots
Natural light environmental headshots

Natural Light environmental portraits

Studio lighting headshots
Natural Light Headshots

Natural Light environmental headshots