Monday, August 5, 2013

Long Beach Corporate Headshots Photography

Long Beach Corporate Headshots Photography Natural Light Studio
Dennis Davis Photography

Our Natural Light Business Headshots Photographers Studio is across the street from the beach, so it’s a great place to get a corporate headshot with studio lighting, then a totally different look with natural daylight, then a totally different look with a natural light environmental portrait, followed by – you guessed it – we do beach headshots. We have a corporate headshots package to fit help you sell your brand, your smiling face! Some people believe a corporate headshot is more important for a company’s website than the logo, when choosing one company website or real estate agent business card from another. It’s all about the eyes; do they look friendly, genuine and happy? The smile, is it comfortable and happy, or stiff and forced? The Headshots photographer that delivers a great corporate headshot from a busy, overworked executive is a talented person. Do you need to sell yourself through your corporate headshots portrait?

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Corporate Headshots Packages – In our Long Beach Natural Light Studio

Executive corporate headshots package, 5 Looks - $295.00

Studio lighting, highlighting the hair
Pick from muslin or seamless paper backgrounds, environmental portraits in the studio, and between strobe lighting and natural light. We cross the street and do headshots at the beach with the ocean or with plants and trees in the background. Change outfits, settings or backgrounds up to 5 times.

This package includes over 100 pictures taken and burned unedited to your disk, and 10 final images color and exposure corrected. Your favorite corporate headshot will be lovingly airbrushed and retouched in PhotoShop for up to 10 minutes, removing any horrifying zit that broke out on your face only moments before you sat before the camera. Your final images can be emailed or sent to you via ftp, or burned on a disk while you wait. 5 looks, $295

3 Looks - $195.00

Our 3 looks corporate headshots package helps you sell the most important part of your company’s brand, your smiling face. What would your company website be without a portrait of you? Dennis Davis Photography can bring out the best “happy to meet you” smile for your business headshots, and help you sell yourself. With our 3 looks corporate headshots package you may change outfit and background combinations up to three times. You may choose from muslin or seamless paper backgrounds, environmental background near windows in our natural light studio, or we can cross the street to the beach for outdoor beach headshots.
This package includes over 60 images taken and 5 final images will be color and exposure corrected. All the images will be burned to disk or sent to your email as requested.

In and out headshots - $95.00

Our fastest headshots package for busy people on a budget, one background, one outfit. We shoot 30 image, you pick your favorite 3. The whole process is normally over in 30 minutes if you can make up your mind which 3 you want, because there are so many good ones! In and out headshots package, $95.00

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Corporate Headshots on Location, anywhere in Los Angeles or Orange Counties

First location corporate headshot, $425.00, $100 for each location headshot afterwards

Natural light headshots
Natural light environmental headshots

Natural Light environmental portraits

Studio lighting headshots
Natural Light Headshots

Natural Light environmental headshots


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