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Corporate Website Photography

Corporate Website Photography – The battle for customer’s attention.
Your company website is the first impression most people will have about your business. How many chances do you have to make a first impression? You have 3-10 seconds before they click on the completion’s link.  So does the corporate website photography on your business website make your clients say “wow, I want to work with these people?” Not if it is the same stock photograph they just saw ten minutes ago, and first on your competitor’s business website! You are in a war for the eyes, mind and attention of everyone with an internet connection and a desire for what you are selling, so what sales tools are you using to convince them to buy – stock photography and words? Click, next website.

If your business website photography looks “same old, same old”, different day, same stuff, do you really think your potential clients are going to stay on your home page or click the search engine link to the next site? You have to show your own advertising product photography, the food photography from your restaurant, the machines in your aerospace plants, the executive headshots of your people, not the same generic pictures that are used for half the businesses in your industry. If you did all that work to get clients to your web page, why are you going to show them something that won’t hold their attention? This is war! Click, next website.
Dennis Davis Photography

Choosing the right commercial photographer for your business website photography is no easy task. So many business people fail here by picking someone cheap and easy, like Uncle Larry’s friend that does weddings, or Chuck’s son that is a photography studio at the community college. But you don’t need pictures of a wedding or student experimentation, you need pictures of a fork lift driver, a bottle of soda, a plate of pasta, the inside of your company’s warehouse or your CEO. Do you think that anyone with a camera can produce images or video that will hold the attention of today’s web savvy clients? You are losing the battle. Click, next website.

Business photography for websites requires three primary things from the photographer;

  1. A sparkling, witty and fun personality, but a person clearly in charge and confidant that the pictures will be the best possible. You can’t get your subjects to smile unless they are happy and like the photographer.
  2. Technical skill and experience, an understanding of light, composition, color, design and can effectively apply all of that to their own equipment. Studio style lighting with lights on stands make a corporate website photography shoot look professional, bright and clean. This is not a job for a guy with an iPhone.
  3. The eye of an artist, a photographer with their own “style”. When you look for a photographer, look at their photographer’s website portfolio and ask yourself “do I love this work? Do I wish I had taken this picture?” If you are amazed at the artistic ability of the commercial photographer when they are shooting the kind of subject you need photographed, then hire them. If they are only good with flowers, brides, small children and sunsets then keep looking.

You see, if the same photographer shoots all or much of your website, that style and look will be consistent throughout your company website. If you love that style and look, then at least some of your clients will too. However, if you are using stock images pulled from everywhere, each with a different look, style and feel, what you are communicating about your company is “we are cheap, confused, and our website designer was just diagnosed with schizophrenia.”  Sorry, you just ran out of lives, game over. Click, next website.
Dennis Davis Photography

Often it takes a photographer 15 or 20 years to develop a “style” or look that is all their own in the areas they specialize in. Website photography specialties such as architecture photography or food photography are very difficult, and require years of practice to produce images worth publishing in a magazine or on your company website’s home page. Advertising product photography needs to be bold, exciting, with saturated colors. Lifestyle advertising photography needs to show attractive people having fun with your product or service. All of these specialties require controlled lighting, and good architecture photography can use up to 15 lights in one large room.

Food photographers have to shoot the food within moments of leaving the chef’s hands. Within 1-3 minutes after putting a beautiful plate on a table to photograph, whip cream runs, wet food dries, fried food becomes greasy-looking, ice cream melts, and steaming food doesn’t. Sometimes the photographer only gets off 2-3 shots before the food is no longer at its photographic best. And you are going to try this with a wedding photographer? What kind of “style” do you think will show through from their total lack of experience with this subject matter, for anything except wedding cakes? Click,next website.

Before making a financial decision involving photography for your company website, think about ROI:

If I put three times as much thought and money into the photography, video, website design and copy writing of my company website, and really told a story in an exciting and captivating way, would my potential clients spend three times as much time on my corporate website, considering my products or services? Would I make three times as many sales? Would this be a good investment of my time and resources?

Isn’t it time you considered finding the best commercial photographer in their field, instead of the cheapest one you can find?

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