Thursday, January 22, 2009

Intel Corporation

In September 2005 I traveled to Napa , California to photograph a conference for Intel Corporation., known as the Intel Fellows Forum. This assignment had three parts:
Create an outdoor group photograph of approximately 150 Intel Fellows and staff. Retouch the image to remove a large rock (partly showing in this sample), a building in the background, and shadows from trees.

Create headshots of 40 Intel employees
Take candid images during the presentation of a celebration cake, and during a panel discussion.

The most technically challenging part of the assignment was shooting the outdoor portrait. The hotel supplied us with a stage for some of the people to stand on, but still the area was very small for 150 people, I shot the group with a Mamiya 645 AFD medium format camera with a Phase One P20 16 megapixel digital back. Intel needed a very large and detailed file as they wanted to make enlarged prints of the group, and had plans for possible publication as well. I filled the shadows on the faces with a Metz CT45 flash.
The headshots were done with my Canon 20D, and three Photogenic monolights. Care was taken to create all of the images with exactly the same exposure and lighting, as they would be shown on the same page.
When I spoke to the Intel department manager who was in charge of the event a few weeks after they got their images, he told me that my work was excellent, and they planed to use my services again next year.

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